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45th Drama International Short Film Festival 2022

45th Drama International Short Film Festival 2022

The 45th Drama International Short Film Festival 2022 took place at the Municipal Conservatory with live streaming. This year’s President of the International Competition Programme jury was the multi-award winner Vasilis Kekatos. He is the first Greek director to have won a Short Film Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, for his film “The Distance Between Us and the Sky” where Authorwave, as co-producer, had undertaken Post Production (Color Grading and Deliverables).

The Drama Film Festival included the National Competition Programme, the International Competition Programme, the International and National Student Program, a Pitching Lab and a Pitching Forum, the International Animation Programme, as well as the “Short and Green” programme.

 It was our great pleasure that among the films of the National Competition Programme are those whose creators collaborated with Authorwave for Post Production either at the Color Grading or the Deliverables level.

We thank all the creators for trusting us!


  • NOT TOMORROW, by Amerissa Basta, Color & Deliverables
  • 11:20, by Dimitris Nakos, Color & Deliverables
  • HOMO PERFECTUS, by Alkis Politis, Color & Deliverables
  • THE LAST SIGH, by Haris Raftogiannis, Color & Deliverables
  • MAGMA, by Lia Tsalta, Color & Deliverables
  • CHLORINE, by Thanos Psichogios, Color & Deliverables
  • CACTUS, by Dimitris Zouras, Deliverables
  • ORANGE JUICE, by Dimitris Zahos, Deliverables
  • ENOMENA, by Phaedra Vokali, Deliverables