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63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival

63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The 63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival was completed on Sunday 13 November.
This year’s festival was full of uniquely selected films and Masterclasses with internationally acclaimed and renowned professionals of the field.

Authorwave, Sponsor of the Agora Works In Progress, and its team of Colorists were present!
We were delighted to offer the Sponsorship’s Post Production Award of a nominal value of 40,000€ for Creative Image Post Services to Zacharias Mavroeidis for his film “Summer with Carmen”.
Zacharias Mavroeidis was awarded for his outstanding film which was produced by Ioanna Bolomytis – Atalante Productions SA and directed by Zacharias Mavroeidis and took part in Agora Works In Progress.
A warm thank you to the team of the 63rd Thessaloniki Film Festival!

Thank you for your hospitality and for tending to our every need in the course of our collaboration! We renew our appointment for next year, as we continue to be Post Production Sponsors of the Agora Works In Progress!

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