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Universal & Greek Audiobook sites 2021

Universal & Greek Audiobook sites 2021-

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Amazon’s platform stands out for its extensive library
the biggest name in the audiobook space, and it deserves that status because of its giant library of more than 200,000 unique titles.

#Google Audiobooks#
Buy premium audiobooks without being locked into a subscription
The key differentiator of Google Audiobooks is that it only sells audiobooks individually, and there’s no need to pay a monthly fee to access affordable prices.

The best place to save cash with public domain audiobooks
LibriVox is probably the right website for you. Unlike the other audiobook services we’ve already explored, this is a place where you can find completely free audiobooks to download and listen to.
Another unique thing about LibriVox is that some of its titles are read and recorded by volunteers who make community submissions from anywhere in the world. Plenty of LibriVox audiobooks are read out by celebrities or authors too.

#Kobo Audiobooks#
A more affordable audiobook subscription platform

Audiobooks from one of the world’s biggest publishers

The Free Digital Library is an open-access site that offers legally free Greek ebooks and audiobooks since 2010. They are free of charge or provided by their authors and publishers.Ανοιχτή Βιβλιοθήκη#
The Open Library was created in 2010 and is a repository with thousands of Greek digital books. They are distributed freely and legally on the internet. It includes works of Classical Literature and Ancient Secretariat that are free of copyright (Public-domain). They chose contemporary pieces that are freely available by their authors or publishers.
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