Authorwave becomes first certified Dolby Atmos

post-production studio in Greece

Authorwaves Atmos Studio

Authorwave, with over 12 successful years in Localization & Post-Production, is more than happy to welcome you to the first certified Dolby Atmos post-production studio in Greece!
We were eager to adopt the solution, so we embraced the new technology. Immersive Sound is our key differentiation advantage supporting dubbing activities such as mixing music, sound effects, and dialogue to picture, offering a unique sound experience.

“Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. It expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels (utilises up to 64 channels), allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.”

With Dolby Atmos, speakers are placed over the audience in a cinema to create that Immersive Sound that makes it feel like every Sound is buzzing above the viewer’s head. Doby Atmos adds that upper hemisphere sounds that we have been missing from films. It works through ‘binaural headphone rendering’ and ‘object-based audio’. It is designed to enhance the conventional 7.1 format by adding an additional stereo overhead array and up to 118 “sound objects”. These objects can be moved through the theatre in all 3 dimensions.

Everyone in the production chain- Sound Designers, Music Editors, Dialogue Editors, Composers, either in Film, TV Series, or Music, can be sure that Dolby Atmos can add this excitement layer of space. We can use an Atmos mix to replace dialogue for dubbing, or we can create a new Atmos mix from a 5.1 or even stereo. You can create streaming outputs that end viewers can experience in every Atmos enabled device like in studio or file outputs that you can use in your professional workflows. As we always do, we work fast, according to specs, within budget, and with extra care to every detail you need.

The production facilities, technical resources and the latest hardware go along with our high tech and experienced team to offer the best deliverables.
Our spacious master room hosts your film projects to release them in Dolby Atmos audio system to allow Sound to create the immersive soundscape you are looking for.

With our Dolby-approved room we can create high-quality content and secure more Dolby Atmos Music commissions.

The master room meets strict requirements – relating to its size and geometry, its speakers and amps, its acoustics, and its mix and monitoring solutions certified facility. It features an official rendering unit (or ‘RMU’) that ensures qualifications.For audio monitoring we use the ADAM A-series active speakers for their clarity, range and power.

In Authorwave we excel in localization. We adapt for Cinema-TV-OTT for customers worldwide. Our clients are some of the most dynamic and leading companies in the world.

We provide dubbing, subtitling and post-production services for TV, OTT and Cinema since 2007, in Greece and abroad. We have developed our own unique system of time and cost-effective workflow from freelancers to our in-house translators and sound engineers.

We continue to grow our team, both internally and externally, to keep up with fast turnarounds and high demands from our clients.

We are proud members of EGA, TPN and DPP and certified with ISO27001.